How websites can help grow your business?

Website A Major Contributor In Business Growth.

Websites are now mandatory for every business. It’s like a digital presence of your company that can be reached worldwide. Let’s see how a website contributes to the growth of a business.

Online reputation

Do you know that more than 4 billion internet users daily surf the internet around the globe? If you have no digital presence, how will they know about your business? Without a website, you can’t reach your prospective clients. Your website represents your overall work and credibility. Without a website70-80% of, potential customers could be lost to businesses (Bluecorona, 2019)

Customer’s interaction

The website works as a mode of communication by allowing potential customers and clients to present their questions through an online chat. Instant messaging systems cut down the long process of email and calls. People believe that if a business doesn’t have a digital presence, it is a sign of an outdated business. 70-80% of people research a company online before visiting it (Bluecorona, 2019).


Increases your chance of getting leads, as Investors or partners look for an online presence with a powerful web-based portfolio. If you don’t have a website, hardly any investor will like to be a part of your business.

Advertising affordability

Websites eradicate the need to do expensive advertising. You have your web-page to promote your products and services. Visitors can see detailed descriptions of all things which you showcase online. Once the website is built, you don’t have to pay anything except the annual hosting fee.


Business websites facilitate an accessible recruitment process by making a dedicated page for careers and internships. Candidates can easily submit applications; you no longer need to look around for them.

Organic traffic

If you have an excellent SEO optimized website, you get better chances of showing up in Google search results. When people are searching for a product or service, there are high chances of your website showing up in the results. This opportunity drastically increases your customer base. 75% of people admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility via the company’s website design (Graffiti9, 2022)

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